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Why should the small-scale vehicle operators invest on GPS?

Like any other sector, logistic companies can be categorized in terms of the scale of operation, net worth or size. Besides in a country like India, there are many international players who are constantly stealing the show by cracking major deals.

Surviving competition is tough for medium to small scale members of the fraternity. Upgrading infrastructure is one of the ways to strike back but most of the SMEs in the sector tend to shy away from the latest technologies like GPS tracking.

If cost is what they are concerned about, we have four suggestions
1.Money invested wisely to make your services at par with the industry standard can pay you off in terms of boosting your sales charts.
2.There is no dearth of solution providers but you need to find one that offers tailor-made solutions in affordable custom price packages.
3.Invest on a good GPS vehicle tracking solution. This technology comes with a range of features that not only can make your operations smarter but will also help you save fuel and man-hour.
4.You can afford to go little beyond of your budget to buy a solution that can serve you in best terms but you can never afford to lose a client because of poor services offered.

GPS vehicle tracking has a range of offering and by opting for it a vehicle operator can
•track all the vehicles on assignment real-time from a single window
•keep monitoring the fuel recharge and fuel consumption details when the vehicles are on the road
•remain notified of all the scheduled and unscheduled halts
•learn whether the vehicles are following or deviating routes
•be aware of any unwanted delay like check-post queue, roadblock or bottleneck
•take immediate step if the vehicle has met with an accident or been attempted for theft or hijack
•get instantly generated overspeed alert
•receive SOS from the panic buttons
•share tracking history with the clients
•get weekly/monthly vehicle movement report with all the details of the journey
Explore the link to learn more about GPS vehicle tracking services in India.

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