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What is GPS wireless vehicle tracking?

When something is called wireless that means there are ‘no strings attached’, literally. Figuratively, ‘wireless’ denotes a connection which can be made between two objects without taking help of any kind of wire.
People living in India had ‘radio’ as the first piece of personal wireless device and many of them envied cops and traffic sergeants, spotted with wireless devices supporting two-way communication.

‘90s brought a relief to the Indians when they finally got to possess their own personal wireless ‘calling’ devices and gradually got along with the concept of ‘mobile’ services—a service which is accessible even if a person is ‘moving’.
Wireless tracking of vehicles with the help of GPS is based on the same principle. It’s all about tracing the ‘position’ of an object, located anywhere on the globe.

What, if the object is not stationary? Then we need a ‘solution’ to track its movement—where it goes, where it stops, how long it stays at a certain place, in which direction it moves and so on.
These are all done using a technology that connects the dots between the GPS satellites, devices installed in the moving objects/ vehicles and a software which is compatible to the engineering of the devices so that it can process the data received from the devices and transform them into a format, understandable by the humans.

It goes like this
A GPS tracking device installed inside a vehicle fetches the location information from the GPS satellites, continuously.

It also collects a range of data like the speed of the vehicle, whether the engine is idle or running, what is the fuel status, whether the vehicle is moving within a preset boundary or deviating the route, whether it has arrived certain location etc.

It passes on the information to the data receiver.

The receiver processes the ‘raw’ data and transforms them into SMS or e-mail alerts, to be sent to the registered devices of people who are in charge of the vehicles on the move.

This is what we call GPS wireless vehicle tracking.

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