How it serves you

EyesOnWheel is a package of solutions. It takes care of a number of issues and prevents all sorts of nuances. Let us take you through the features and services it provides.

Vehicle Management

It stores the data of all the vehicles on road– their itinerary, type of goods, delivery addresses and all the other details so that you can manage the operation systematically.

Current status on the map

It provides you with the real-time information about the location of each vehicle by showing the current status on the map.

Configurable alerts

Before the vehicles are on the move, you can set alerts for each of them. Be it violation of route, delayed arrival or theft, you can configure alerts beforehand and take immediate measures.

Geofence implementation

Apart from safety and violation alerts it keeps you updated about the Geofence entries and exits. It also lets you set overspeed limits or night drive specifications for individual vehicles. For any update or violation you shall receive SMS and email alerts.

Solves vehicle routing

For companies who need to manage numerous fleets and make deliveries to a huge number of locations, finding optimized vehicle routing becomes a challenge. EyesOnWheel makes you solve this problem by its in-built algorithms.

History Tracking

By opting for this solution you can trace the history of each vehicle. As the tracker device installed at the vehicles stores all the data, you can access these information anytime you want.


The most important benefit of EyesOnWheel is that it knocks you whenever any violation occurs. From delayed delivery to vehicle moving into a wrong territory, you will be informed instantly.

Kilometers Run

It leaves no scope for anyone to dodge you in terms of fuel status as this system records the kilometers run by the vehicle as a default. You can easily identify if there is any mismatch and save yourself from incurring losses.


Preparing reports of vehicle movement for each vehicle on road is one of the in-built features of EyesOnWheel. These reports are sent to you regularly via emails so that you can archive them.

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