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Rs. 1.68 crore looted from Axis Bank cash van

In last six months we have reported a number of cash van robberies and we are very surprised to see how frequently Axis Bank cash vans have been attempted and looted.

After Mohali and Pune now we have Jagraon.

Two months back a gang of robbers took away Rs. 1.34 crores near Mohali. Thanks to the promptness of the police that the amount was recovered. This time, after a week passed, neither the robbers nor the money could have been traced.

The loot was performed by men wearing police uniforms and carrying AK-47 rifles, in broad daylight on Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway. They acted like true cops and first stopped the van. Then they escorted it for a few kilometers, pretending as if they were taking the van to the nearby police station.

After a while they stopped the van again, tied the security men and the cash-in-charge, the representative of the bank and locked them inside the van before leaving with the cash boxes.
One of the crew members somehow managed to untie and informed the bank. Although the bank immediately contacted the police, by that time robbers simply vanished.

We wonder why Axis Bank still depends on such pre-historic vans which are not installed with either CCTV or GPS tracking devices. We shall also blame the cash-in-transit service provider who has not modernized the vehicles.

Almost all reputed cash-in-transit agencies in India have taken GPS solutions since if a loot has happened they are the people who are considered to be accountable. Their service includes safe carriage of the cash and on-time delivery to the scheduled locations.

Unfortunately some cash-in-transit service providers are too ignorant about GPS tracking devices for vehicles. If the van had a GPS device supported by and connected to a GPS solution package, anyone could have pressed the emergency button in the first place when the van was stopped.

These buttons don’t make any noise on site but send SOS to the vehicle administrators and nearby police stations right away so that immediate actions can be taken.

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