Learn about EyesOnWheel

EyesOnWheel tracking devices are superior in terms of quality and reliability. It brings home Israeli and Scandinavian technologies that made breakthroughs in the field of GPS vehicle tracking and continue to remain among the best choices globally. Our International standard products are well appreciated by many industry experts at home and abroad. Below is the snapshot of our product features-

  1. Our tracking devices are waterproof and so ensure greater safety of data
  2. Devices are powered by an internal battery backup system that makes them run for a longer time
  3. Motion sensors within the devices store accurate live tracking of data
  4. Immobilization features are added to help you save the vehicles from theft
  5. Our devices help you find optimal vehicle routing by using simple algorithms
  6. Devices record any kind of route deviation and immediately send alerts
  7. Alarms can be set for overspeed, engine on/off status, day/night modes and many other features
  8. Our devices save the detailed data of the vendors and addresses to help on-field workers also
  9. All the devices are designed to send instant alerts via SMS and e-mail
  10. Our devices are compatible with all types of mobile operating systems
  11. In-built distance calculators of the devices record kilometers run with accuracy
  12. Geofence configurable devices send updates about all the arrival-departures
  13. The user-interface of our application is simple and easy to operate
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