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This privacy policy is aimed at defining how EyesOnWheels collects, uses, and shares your information when you avail our services through the use of our website, mobile application or any of our online products and services. EyesOnWheels receives user information on the basis of the information provided by the user. While availing any of our services, you agree to the collection, storage, sharing, disclosure and other uses of your information as defined in the privacy policy. Irrespective of the country you are based in or the location from where you provide information, you allow EyesOnWheels to use your information in India and any other country where EyesOnWheels functions. EyesOnWheels possesses the right to change the privacy policy from time to time and will make the user aware of the changes by any of the following methods.

  1. Revising the date on the privacy policy page on the website of EyesOnWheels
  2. Uploading a declaration on the Home page
  3. Notifying you via email

For any queries about the privacy policy, feel free to reach us at

Collection and Use of User information

The first information required while registering with EyesOnWheels is your information and that you approve to share with others. You are needed to enter your name and email address during the registration process. While you avail our services, we automatically collect some information that we strictly use for the purpose of streamlining the different communications provided through our services.

Information That the User Decides to Share

The information required for signing up on EyesOnWheels is that what you deem fit to share with us and on a public platform.

Additional Information We Receive About User

We receive information whenever you use our website, mobile application or any other online product of EyesOnWheels. We receive information from the mobile phone you use to access the application. The information may include the following.

  1. The hardware model
  2. Operating system and version
  3. Unique device identifiers
  4. Mobile device number
  5. Mobile network information

We accumulate specific device information for the sole purpose of detecting problems if you encounter any issues when you avail our services. We use data from the information that we already have about you to gain a better understanding of your requirements, and to offer you improved services.

We may link advert data to you for the purpose of evaluating its success. For instance, when you see the advert, you may think of sending an invitation to your friends to visit there the next day. This will enable us to provide you with improved product and services. As far as the use of the information is concerned, we will use the information of every particular advert to send to the particular client of the advert. So, if you have registered with us, it establishes that you are agreeing to the use of the information by EyesOnWheels unless you have sent a notification to us regarding your disapproval of the use of your information and we have sent confirmation to that. Besides, the information we offer to the businesses regarding the access of the application and advert will not include your personal details – username, email address and picture.

Other Terms & Conditions

Please go through the terms and conditions carefully prior to using our application. By using our application, you, thereby, give consent to adhere to the conditions mentioned below. In case you do not give consent to any condition, you are free to discontinue using our application.

We possess the right to change the terms and conditions any time. The changes are effective immediately from the time they are updated on our application. The user will be made aware of the changes via our website or by an update on our application. If you are using the application, you give consent to assess the terms and conditions regularly to be familiar with any changes to them.

Confidential Information

Privacy cannot be fully guaranteed on mobile media which is not a secure platform. In the event you experience any trouble or sustain any damage by sharing confidential information to us on this platform or the information we send you on your request, we will not bear any accountability for that. In case you decide to provide us with any personal information on this platform, we will require communicating with you regarding how the information may be used. If you want such information not to be used for further communication, you may notify us and we assure to take care of the information with our best efforts.


You should be aware that emails are susceptible to be compromised by unofficial groups or individuals. We will not bear any accountability for any external security breach and/or the violation of confidentiality through communication on email.


You are requested not to take the information on our application as advice in relevance to any topic or subject-matter. We suggest you to have professional consultation rather than resorting to our information.

Intellectual Property

The entire application and the design, graphics, text, coding, underlying source code of the application, and the software and other materials on the application are the intellectual property of Spearhead Technoware Solutions Pvt. Ltd. You are strictly prohibited against the duplicacy of these properties and not granted the right to use them in any sense for any purpose.

General Disclaimers

EyesOnWheels and its directors, affiliates, employees and representatives will not be responsible for any losses or damage caused due to or in relation to the use of the application. We are offering this application and its contents on an as is basis. We do not make any kind of representations and/or any kind of warranties in regards to this application or its contents, including, limitations to warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a specific purpose. Additionally, we do not warrant or represent that the information available through or from the application is complete, updated and valid. No action should be taken in connection to any information on the application. We will not have any responsibility for any such actions taken.

The constraints of accountability in connection to the application are applicable to any kind of damages that include, but not limited to

  1. Direct/indirect/consequential damages
  2. Compensatory
  3. Data loss
  4. Loss of/damage to property
  5. Third party claims
  6. Income, production or profit

The constraints of accountability in connection to the application do not restrict our accountability to the extent that it cannot be excluded and/or restricted by applicable laws.

The use of our application is subject to the laws of the Republic of India. Any issues and/or claims in connection to the application are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Rourkela, Odisha.

You bear the accountability for any mobile charges and any charges incurred by your mobile network provider for the use of the Internet service.

Any rights not specifically granted by us are reserved.

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