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How GPS tracking system for trucks can make logistics smarter

In India, most of the decision-makers in the logistics sector are well-aware of the benefits of GPS tracking systems and solutions.
But we do feel that reiteration is required, from time to time, to refresh the memory and for those who have just stepped in or companies that are planning to open their own logistics units instead of depending on the service vendors.
Trucks, trailers, tankers or refrigerated vehicles— logistical operation becomes smarter if such vehicles remain connected to the base station or the administrators throughout the journey.

Let’s explore how

If there’s a hitch, there’s a way
Since vehicle administrators can track the trucks or vehicles real-time from a single map window, integrated with Google Maps, if there’s any kind of roadblock, vehicle operators can find alternative routes and guide the drivers accordingly.
Avoiding check post queues may not be possible but if an accident has occurred on a highway resulting in a long-tailed traffic congestion, vehicle managers can search for detouring options and help the vehicles to navigate. This will positively reduce the chances of delivery delays.

No cheating behind the back
Drivers can never produce false fuel bills or make up stories to justify delays. They can never deviate the scheduled route, since there will be geo-fence or virtual boundary setting for each and every vehicle. Vehicle managers will take note of every halt as engine on/off and scheduled halt alerts will keep them posted about the duration as well as location co-ordinates of the halts.

Complete fuel monitoring
This should be the best part since siphoning and excessive fuel consumption are two consistent challenges for Indian logistics companies. GPS solutions can provide complete fuel monitoring including fuel re-filling notifications and instant alerts generated for siphoning attempts. Running the vehicle overspeed is another reason of high consumption. All such practices can be stopped and full control will be right on the fingertips of the vehicle operators.

Remote emergency management
Some goons may try to hijack the truck or steal the load or crew members can get injured. By pressing panic buttons, which are part of any standard GPS solution, they can instantly ring the alarm at local police stations or at the base. It becomes easier for the logistics managers to act asap and take control of the situation remotely.

Central database integration and management
In custom GPS packages, solution providers integrate a centrally managed database with the tracking system. This database can be a multi-user one where all the projects and assignments will be listed along with the details of scheduled halts, routes etc. Project managers can update, add new assignment, delete or modify as and when required.
Entire crew data can be incorporated for automated bulk messaging and single-point access to key information related to the crew members. The Head of operations or the Head of logistics can remain updated about the real-time status of all the assignments from a single source.

Apart from all the points discussed above, a custom GPS tracking system for trucks can accommodate more, provided the GPS solution provider has got the proper skillset and infrastructure.

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