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GPS wireless tracking for wedding planner companies

No one can bear mismanagement in weddings. The wedding ceremony is the most auspicious event in a person’s life and it needs to be perfect, whatever happens, and at the cost of anything—
Maybe those who introduced the concept in India, promoted themselves with such heart-melting marketing lines, although many of them, many a times failed to deliver what they promised.
Wedding mismanagement is no less than a calamity. Leave out the music that planners get to face. Grievances are part of any business. But no one can bear the loss with a slashed down payment or non-payment.

We hope, by now you have recalled India’s first official wedding planning movie, ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, almost scene by scene. The movie is too informative for the aspirant brides and grooms, providing an entertaining sneak peek into what actually happens behind the scene. 5 years have passed since then and people have got smarter.

They no more buy ‘emotional’ selling tricks which we have seen in the movie. This new league of well-informed, app-educated clients can anytime push the wedding planner in a sticky wicket if there is a delay or misplacement or mismanagement overall.
Now the point is how GPS wireless tracking can help. Simple. It can play an aide to the smooth and no-fuss event management. Let’s explore how—

Track everything
The fleet of cars carrying the groom, the bride, their families and guests to stage equipment, mandap decorations, utensils, flowers, sound equipment, the band, the baaja and what not—everything can be tracked with the help of the GPS devices.
Either the device will be installed inside the vehicles or can be attached with the loads, getting transported from one location to another.

Total Surveillance
If the wedding planner company has got its own fleet of cars, it can buy a custom GPS solution, one that has been tailored according to its scale and diversity of operation. If the company depends on hired cars and trucks, then again GPS tracker devices can be attached with the carriage boxes. Some companies of this fraternity manage multiple weddings at a time, especially during the top ‘shaadi’ seasons.

All such assignments can be surveilled and monitored from a central database, real-time, powered by a GPS software. Executives can track the location status of every car, truck or bus. Instead of calling 100 men working at different locations, they can view the real-time position of all the materials and vehicles in a single map window.

Simplifying operation
Wedding management is the most challenging of all kind of event management jobs. Even if the executives try hard to keep the operation smooth, something can go wrong anytime and they are supposed to solve.

The complexity of wedding management lies in the innumerable odd jobs. The mother of the bride can forget the ‘ring’ at home and expect the company to arrange for her to-and-fro again, the Ghoriwala can go missing just before the ‘baaraat’ to take off, the trucks carrying catering utensils can miss to reach the location on-time or the car carrying band members can get stuck somewhere in the traffic.

GPS wireless vehicle tracking doesn’t have any magic wand to vanish all such troubles but it can always forewarn the executives and managers so that they get enough buffer time to fix things.

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