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GPS vehicle tracking and mine-to-factory movement of materials

Everyone dreads the word—‘deadline’! Sticking to it is important in order to ensure that the flow of operation has not been hampered. If something gets delayed, the ripple effect it makes over the entire process costs the company in terms of man-hour and reputation.

If the materials are needed to be moved from the points of extraction to the points of production, it has to be done within a stipulated time frame with no deviation at all. There’s no such company in India which can claim that it has never had any issue with it.

When we look into the challenges of moving the materials from the mines/ extraction sources to the manufacturing unit, the list goes long. We can categorize under internal and external factors.
External factors are not controllable from the end of either the company or the vendor who takes the responsibility of moving the materials and delivering on time. Most common are–

• Bad road networks and connectivity issues that compel the vehicles run slower than expected
• Check post queues, a consistent problem in India’s logistics sector
• Bad weather
• Traffic bottlenecks and roadblocks
• Theft attempts and hijacks

Internal factors can be controlled to a large extent by the service providers or by the logistics department of the company, provided supportive tools and technology are available–
• Driver tardiness and longer halts than scheduled
• Breakdowns
• Violation of routes and consequent delay in the delivery
• Accidents due to rash driving and consequent delay

There are many other minor challenges but let’s not dig deeper since the objective of this article is to talk solutions not challenges.

GPS vehicle tracking
Before we explain how GPS tracking technology can provide solutions, first catch a glimpse of the common features offered in a standard GPS service package—

• Installation of tracking devices on the vehicles
• Integration of the trackers with a GPS software
• Real-time tracking of vehicles, round the clock
• Geo-fence setting and violation alert
• Scheduled halt notification
• Unscheduled halt alert
• Engine on/off status notification
• Fuel refilling notification
• Fuel siphoning alert
• Speed limit setting and overspeed alert
• Emergency buttons for SOS generation

Besides companies can be served with added customized features like automated SMS generation to a specified list of phone numbers, optimum vehicle routing etc.

A comprehensive solution package of GPS can put an end to a lot of malpractices and provide a support system to combat some of the external factors, thereby reducing the chances of delay.

A.Logistics managers and vehicle operators will be notified if a vehicle has taken an unscheduled halt and has become stationary for a long time. They can inquire right away, solve the problem and make the vehicle move from that place as early as possible.

B.Instant notification for overspeed and geo-fence violation alert can let the vehicle administrators warn the crew. If the driver has lost the way somehow, the administrator can guide by watching the current location of the vehicle and the roads around in the map provided by GPS software solution.

C.In case of breakdowns, theft attempts or hijacks, sending help will be easy as real-time location data will always be available to the vehicle managers.

D.If the check post queue is too long, vehicle managers can search for alternative routes with the help of the map and guide the driver.

E.Round-the-clock, real-time location data streaming from GPS vehicle locator devices can always keep the managers informed about the latest status so that they can predict any possible delay and address the issue right away.

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