About EyesOnWheel

  • Affordable Solution

    EyesOnWheel is a GPS vehicle tracker developed by Spearhead Technoware Solutions Pvt Ltd. This affordable solution aims to reduce the complexities that are faced by the logistics companies or individual business units when they transfer loads of items to a number of locations with a range of vehicles at a time. They need a good surveillance system to know whether the vehicles are safely arriving at the locations within expected time schedule. EyesOnWheel is devised to serve them in that regard.


  • Simple Architecture

    The architecture of this vehicle tracking system consists of three major constituents–a GPS tracking device, a server and a user-interface. The device records all the data on vehicle movement for individual vehicles including the fuel status information, speed and location. The server receives the data, stores it and sends to the user. The user-interface determines how the user will access and manage the data. This simple architecture of EyesOnWheel combines engineering with software applications.


  • Experienced Makers

    What makes EyesOnWheel special is that it brings to the table more than 10 years of experiences of its makers in the fields of engineering and software. That is why it claims to be a complete hassle-free solution for those who seek an error-proof and easily manageable system of vehicle tracking.


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