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5 ways vehicle tracking devices are different from other GPS trackers

GPS trackers are found in various shapes, sizes and functionalities. Many people have a misconception that GPS trackers are synonymous with vehicle trackers. GPS vehicle trackers are a special kind of GPS tracker as there are pet trackers, senior citizen trackers, child tracker devices—all powered by the GPS technology.

The basic deliverable of any GPS tracker is to provide real-time location information of an object, moving or stationary, geo-fence setting and emergency alerts. A GPS vehicle tracker comes with a set of added unique deliverables—

•It has a motion sensor to capture the speed of the vehicle. It becomes important for the vehicle administrators to learn whether a certain vehicle is running at normal speed or has violated the highest speed limit.

•These vehicle trackers capture information of engine on/off which means whenever the engine starts, it sends a signal. Likewise, whenever the engine stops, it keeps the administrator of the vehicle posted, who’s sitting in a place away from the location of the vehicle.

•Whenever the fuel tank of the vehicle gets refilled, the GPS tracker device passes on the information mentioning the exact volume refilled.

•If someone tries to steal from the fuel tank, the device readily sends alerts. It happens like this—when a vehicle moves, consequent consumption of fuel occurs but when it’s stationary, there should be no consumption or a milliliter reduction in the fuel level. Following this principle, if there’s a sudden drop in the fuel level when the vehicle is not moving, that will surely indicate a fuel siphoning attempt. A GPS vehicle tracker takes note of such things and instantly generates alerts to be sent to the administrator/owner of the vehicle.

•Vehicle trackers keep track of total kilometers run by the vehicles so that after they are back to the base, administrators can compare with the total kilometers figure, provided by the driver.
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