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4 reasons panic buttons should be included in GPS solutions

A couple of months back a lady posted a remark on the Facebook page of TaxiForSure. The said cab service provider launched a Facebook campaign offering safe and cheap services to the citizens of Kolkata.

In response the lady inquired whether they have panic button facility in the cabs. The company replied that passengers can share the tracking history but there was no mention of panic buttons.

She re-replied asking for a straight yes or no. The company remained silent but a random guy posted a comment to her furor—“Do you have any reason to panic?”

The obvious answer was, “The reasons are everywhere!”

We do know that panic buttons are one of the chief tools of vehicles’ and passengers’ security and if there’s a GPS solution bought for vehicle tracking, that package should include the panic buttons.
Although the reasons are crystal clear, sometimes reiteration becomes necessary.

For all the women on board
Even after so many incidents and consequent public uproar, crimes against women are continued. Panic buttons won’t change the pervert psyche of certain citizens but at least can keep an SOS tool within reach of the women on board.

For immediate help
If the vehicle has met with an accident, by pressing the panic button the crew members can call for immediate help. Panic buttons ring the bell at the nearby police stations and instantly notify the vehicle managers.

To inform about hijacking and loots
Since panic buttons don’t make any noise on site, the driver or helper can press the button if the vehicle has been stopped by armed men. These buttons are bell ringers and don’t carry any written message but since it’s treated as an SOS, police act promptly.

Seeking refuge in natural disasters or calamities
Every such vehicle that travels long distance, carrying goods or passengers should have panic buttons bundled in GPS vehicle tracking solution packages so that if a natural disaster or calamity strikes, they can inform concerned authorities right away.

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